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  • Minomana draagjas 4 in 1 rood
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  • Babywearing coat 4 in 1 grey softshell Minomana
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    Babywearing Coat 4 in 1 Softshell Minomana.

    Avialable from November 17th 2018.

    SKU: AM-0301-RD-1.


    Softshell 4 in 1 Babywearing Coat by Minomana®.

    Our bestseller babywearing coat suitable for front and back carrying. This softshell babywearing coat is suitable for wearing in mild climate all year round thanks to the excellent softshell material.

    It is resistant to wind, rain and it perfectly drains sweat. It is lightweight yet warm, especially in spring or autumn or in the cooler summer days.  Perfect for outdoor activities.

    Dutch Design Babywearing Coat

    This Minomana® Babywearing Coat is designed in The Netherlands. Several years of babywearing practise ended up in the ergonomic design. The coat is manufactured in Barcelona Spain in a small factory with fair employment practices. This coat contains no animal-derived materials and no chemicals.

    Softshell Material

    Minomana® Babywearing coats are all made of professional special fabric SoftShell. The unique characteristics of the fabric facilitate the coat to be resistant to water, breathable and windproof.


    This babywearing can be used as a regular coat also.  Just detach the insert and nobody will ever notice that it was originally a piece of clothes designed as a babywearing coat.

     Main Features

    • This coat is made from a High Quality Softshell water resistant, windproof & breathing.
    • This coat can be worn with a front or back carrier because it includes a zippered detachable hood for both the wearer and the baby. High quality zippered design is built to last.
    • Two side pockets easily hold small items so you’re hands free.
    • Soft warm materials provide comfort and warmth during your favorite fall and winter activities.
    • It is easy to use making this an everyday speciality item! Just slide over the baby and you’re ready to go. Warm, convenient, and stylish!
    • Unique Dutch Design
    • 100% Made in the EU, Barcelona Spain.


    • 1x insert for expansion.
    • 1x adult hood


    Table of Babywearing coat sizes :

    Chest (1/2)*5258647076
    Waist (1/2)*4854606672
    Hip (1/2)*5258647076

    Width measured at breast height (circumference = width x 2) measured without the panel, without baby.
    Dimensions may vary by 2 – 3 cm from the dimensions given in the table because of the the special flexibility of the material.

    Important notice

    Please note: The winter babywearing coat is not a stand alone carrier. The coat must be worn combined with a carrier of choice as it does NOT hold the baby on its own! The coat should be combined with a Stretchy wrap, Woven wrap, Ring Sling (short woven wrap worn over the shoulder), Mei tai (and podaegi), or Baby Carrier (or Soft Structured Carrier, SSC)

    Safety Instruction

    Always ensure your child’s face is unobstructed by fabric to allow for safe breathing. Please practice safety and common sense and ask questions when in doubt!

    Enjoy happy wearing for you and you little ones!

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